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Door Ajar

With every piercing tone, the spikes are driven further into my throbbing skull. My brain is mushed into a paste like it's being kneaded by a 12 foot pneumatic piston as my eardrums expand and contract over and over and over... Every searing beep sends electrical shock to the farthest corners of my helpless, stranded body. The jackhammer of sound penetrates my temples and sends waves of pain and agony writhing through every channel of my tortured brain. Chemicals spew out of my glands and my mind collapses in on itself, unable to bear the torment any longer.

And just as the initial tone leaves my ears and I begin to relax, the second comes without hesitation, like a firing squad in my brain. The maggots of noise gnaw away the dead cavity that once was my body and lay their eggs of torment. The explosion of sound leaves scars on my soul like an infected battle wound.

Droning on and on without variation, the tone sweeps its radius, capturing anyone in its path and sending them spiraling into utter madness. The icy hand of insanity grips the innocent victim as the sound pierces the soul's innermost layers, and dissolves them from the inside out, leaving it limp and lifeless like a soldier lying dead on a battlefield. Impaled and exhausted, my mind's futile attempt at fighting the insanity has left me, and the merciless noise moves on, unscathed as it searches out new victims to dement and torture.

God dammit, close the fucking door!

Silence. The ringing in my head rushes in to replace the sound. Floodgates open and the dam breaks as the resonating shockwave sends me careening through silence, spinning in every direction as if I'm trapped in a gyroscope. The aftermath of the explosion drained every ounce of energy from my body and left me shivering with fear like a wet rat seeking refuge from a sinking ship. My life force shattered and my mind throbbing, I drag myself up from the dusty ground of pain. I wipe my eyes free of the tears of captivity as I am set free from the prying hold of the noise.

The car door is shut and the sound drifts off into the distance as if it had never existed. If my house ever caught on fire, I would die. Not from fire nor from smoke, but from the smoke detector, beeping into oblivion...

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